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RWE installation process is very easy. You can install it by using the provided installer program. Unlike most of other Train Simulator addons you do not need to (and should not) install it in your Train Simulator game folder. You can install it where you want on your computer just like other softwares.

Quick Setup

Once installed, launch RWE configuration software by using the desktop shorcut, read the special notice displayed and click "Agree". You should now see this window:

Your Train Simulator install path should be detected automatically. If this is not the case you will be prompted to select your TS installation folder manually. Click on the "Change TS Install Path" button and select the folder where Train Simulator is installed on your computer.

Now you can configure the various settings of RWE. The default settings should be fine for most users. If you want to know the purpose of a specific setting you can click on the "?" button and a brief description of this setting will be displayed. It's REALLY RECOMMENDED to read each setting description carefully before tweaking anything.

Once you are ok with the settings you can click on the "Install / Update" button and the new shaders will be installed in your Train Simulator. The process is almost instantaneous. A popup will tell you if everything was done correctly and that's it ! The shaders install process will automatically adjust some of your Train Simulator graphic settings if needed. If this is the case you will be informed of those changes.

If everything went well, "RW Enhancer Status" will display a green "Enabled" text label. You can now close RW Enhancer configurator and launch Train Simulator.

Please note that you do NOT need to do this whole process each time you want to play Train Simulator. If in the future you would like to change some settings, just launch RW Enhancer then tweak the settings as you desire and click on the "Install / Update" button to update the shaders accordingly.

Restoring Default TS Shaders

If you want to revert back to default TS shaders, just click on the "Restore Original Shaders" button and voila !

Effects Update Process

When an update is released for RW Enhancer you need to update the shaders to be able to push the new improvements/fixes of this update in the game. Just launch RWE configuration software and click on the "Install / Update" again and the lastest version of the shaders will be installed into TS.

Important Remarks

- A lot of RWE effect are working in conjunction with the "Adaptive Bloom" setting in Train Simulator. If you use RW Enhancer, please make sure that "Adaptive Bloom" is enabled in Train Simulator graphic settings. It should be enabled automatically by the configuration sofware when clicking on the "Install / Update" button.

Having Some Troubles ?

Do not hesitate to join our Discord server or contact us by email if you need support !