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Frequently Asked Questions



Here you can find our Frequently Asked Questions list, if you have a question and the answer is not in this list you can contact us using the support page of Lonely Bits Games.

What are the recommended PC specs for this ?

We recommend the same "Recommended" PC specs that you can find on Train Simulator store page. RW Enhancer is compatible with both 32 and 64 bits version of Train Simulator. Please note that "Dynamic Lighting" (TSX) must be enabled in your graphic settings in order to get RWE working ! So please check that your PC can handle Train Simulator Dynamic Lighting feature.

Is there any negative performance impact on Train Simulator ?

Depending on your settings you may observe a small performance impact depending on your PC specs but you may also see some performance improvement especially if you enable the special performance settings in the configuration software.

Is it compatible with any other addons/DLC's ?

Yes there should be no issues at all as we do not modify any Train Simulator texture, blueprint or other assets. The only modified assets are the game shaders and you can restore the original shaders at any moment by using the configurator software.

Is it compatible with Armstrong Powerhouse Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack ?

Yes it's 100% compatible.

Is there a manual available somewhere ?

The user manual is available here.

What is the advantage of this addon compared to some free alternatives like Reshade/SweetFX ?

The new graphics effects of this addon are directly integrated into the game so we have access to some data that Reshade/SweetFX can't access so we can provide more advanced effects. Also this addon does not add another additionnal layer so it's better for the framerate and does not affect the game UI colors compared to Reshade/SweetFX. Finally, RWE is way easier to install and configure.

My antivirus detect RWEnhancer install program as a virus. Why ?

Of course there is no virus in RW Enhancer install program it's a "false positive" so you can set your anti virus to accept this file. We are working on some solutions regarding this problem.

I have some issue with the addon, where can I find some help ?

You can use the support page or on our Discord server for this purpose and we will provide support as fast as possible.